Community Connections

Community Connections

The Community Connections Program is an initiative developed to facilitate and promote the arrival of newcomers to Canada, create opportunity to meet new people, improve English language skills and learn more about their new community and local area.  Through Community Connections, get introduced to local culture, program volunteers and community members within the area.

Our programs are designed to help newcomers establish roots within their new community and to ease the adjustment of immigrants and refugees into our Canadian culture.  We aim to create the opportunity for newcomers to meet others and improve English language skills, while also gaining knowledge on local customs, various cultures and traditions.  When newcomers participate in community events, social and professional networks can be established and newcomers have the opportunity to feel engaged and welcomed into their new home and community.  LCCLC provides the facilities, staff and equipment necessary to foster a desirable environment for cultural exchange and learning. 

We aim to create social network links for newcomers to ease the settlement transition.  Long-time residents of

Canada offer their time as volunteers, networking supports and through one-to-one “matches” to help run group activities, mentor individuals and create cultural exchange opportunities.  Gain valuable work experience as a volunteer and/or practice English language skills, improve your career development abilities and learn about Canadian life.  All are welcome!

Community Connections Programs                                                                                         Word Graphic

Women’s Group

Sewing Group

COACH Program

Youth Program & youth camps

Match program

Conversation circles

Day-trip outings, camping, museums, community picnics…

Field Trips (Niagara Falls, African Lion Safari….)



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Youth Group


Our Community Connections Youth Program provides youth with a safe environment and facility with which they can utilize to their potential.  From cooking classes, to group outings to nearby public spaces and holiday outings, our youth group offers a space where youth can enhance their self-esteem, discover their talents and create social relationships with their peers.  Our program encourages newcomer youth and local youth interaction through mentorship, access to our resources, team sports, workshops and other community engagement/participation.  



Our youth programs include activities such as:      

                                                                                 Youth group members working

  • Homework help and tutoring 
  • Team sports, exercise and health 
  • Mentorship, leadership and volunteering 
  • Music and drama 
  • Art and photography 
  • Extra English support 
  • Cooking and nutrition 
  • Field trips and more!



C.O.A.C.H. Program


The COACH program offers newcomers an opportunity to become certified in Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball or Fitness coaching.  Certification training is provided by trainers from the National Coaching Certification Program, which equips future coaches with the right tools to train and coach the next generation of athletes.  The CCLC and the Government of Ontario are committed to providing opportunities for newcomers in London to participate in sport and physical activity, learn about physical literacy and fundamental movement skills and connect with their community. 



The COACH programs include:  

Children playing soccer                              

  • Volleyball 
  • Basketball 
  • Soccer 
  • Family Summer Sports Camps 
  • Physical Activity Leaders


Match Program

The Match program focuses its efforts with newcomers and their families by providing assistance wherever possible for community integration and to ease the settlement transition.  By establishing a newcomer individual or family with a local, long-term resident volunteer, an opportunity is created for cultural exchange to occur and for the newcomer to learn and experience their new community.  Permanent Residents of Canada and Convention Refugees are eligible for one-to-one matches.  Through this program, clients are provided with the opportunity to practice and improve conversational English skills, address particular challenges or communication blocks they are experiencing, learn about Canadian life, make social contacts and explore educational, recreational and vocational goals with support.  We generally try to ‘match’ participants and volunteers based on interests, preferences, needs, family responsibilities and transportation requirements or schedules.  


Group of people in event Children looking out of window


Conversation Circles


Our conversation circles are designed to help newcomers practice their English language skills in an open and safe space.  Volunteers are present to guide conversation in terms of topic and match the conversation to the level of English speaking ability.  Conversation circles are held at various locations throughout the city including Public Libraries and the CCLC office.  


 Conversation CircleWelcome




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