Jeremiah's House

Jeremiah's House (Formally Global House)

Jeremiah's HouseBackground 

Mr. and Mrs. Barth donated their farm to the Centre in the late 1970s. Jeremiah's House now is the Reception Centre for Government Assisted Refugees (GARs).  Prior to Jeremiah's House, GARs were accommodated in Global House which was located at 719 Dundas Street. The Reception Centre moved to a new location at 505 Dundas Street and changed the name to Jeremiah's House Reception Centre in October 2006.

Current Location 

Jeremiah's House is the latest addition to The Cross Cultural Learner Centre's building and the House officially opened its doors on December 7th, 2006. Jeremiah's House is the only reception centre for government assisted refugees (GARs) in London and can accommodate up to 30 people at any one time. We welcome people from all over the world who are designated as refugees due to fear of persecution in their home countries.

Jeremiah's HouseJeremiah's House and Joseph's House staff have helped over 5,000 refugees to settle and find a new life in Canada.



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