LINC Assessment

What We Do 

The LINC Assessment Centre assesses and refers newcomers to Canada who want to attend English classes offered by the Canadian government. If you are new to Canada, need help learning English and want to learn more about your new home and country, calling the LINC Assessment Centre is the first step.

Who Can Participate 

To attend LINC classes, you must be:

  • a landed immigrant, permanent resident, convention refugee or other person permitted to remain in Canada
  • 18 years of age or older
  • able to show an original, valid immigration document such as a Permanent Resident card, Confirmation of Permanent Residence, Notice of Decision etc.

Please note: Canadian citizens, visitors and refugee claimants are not eligible for LINC classes


Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) classes are funded by the Canadian government. They provide English language training and information newcomers need to make Canada their new home. Classes are available at many locations and may be part-time, full-time, in the morning, afternoon or evenings. Some classes offer cultural interpretation, child-minding and transportation assistance.

LINC Service Providers 

  • YM-YWCA of London
  • YWCA of St. Thomas/ Elgin
  • Chinese Canadian National Council
  • Thames Valley District School Board
  • Collège Boréal  

Canadian Language Benchmarks 

When you have an assessment at the LINC Assessment Centre, you will receive a score from 1 to 8 on your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. These scores are based on the Canadian Language Benchmarks, a nationally-recognized standard of language proficiency that is used in language testing all across Canada. A person who has not had a chance to learn any English might be Level 1; someone who can use English like a native speaker may be Level 8. Most newcomers are somewhere in between.



1. How do I make an appointment for a language assessment? If you are LINC –eligible (see Who Can Participate), you can contact the LINC Assessment Centre at (519) 432-1133. Usually an appointment is available within a few days. At some times of the year, for example, in September and October, January and February, there may be a wait as these are our busiest times.

2. How long does an assessment take? The time required for an assessment can vary depending on how much English you already have. For persons with advanced levels of English, the assessment can take up to 3 ½ hours. In general, the assessment takes about 2 hours.

3. Where can I go to school for English? Once the assessment is complete and your level of English has been determined, information on available classes is made available. There are many LINC classes in the City of London and the surrounding area. There is likely to be a class close to where you live or one that is easy to get to.

4. When can I start classes? Most LINC classes operate on the basis of continuous intake. When there is space in a class, new students can start. Many of the classes that are now running have waiting lists. Once you decide where you would like to go to class, you will be referred and as soon as the school has space for you, you will be called and offered a seat in your chosen class.

LINKS Information on the TOEFL test Information on the Canadian Language Benchmarks Ministry of Education’s Independent Learning Centre


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